Bait Pal Products

Got Bait?

How many times do you have bait with you but don’t know how to carry it with you in a convenient and non-messy way?  For me, I’m super messy and it’s just a given when I bait fish I’m going to have goo all over me… hands, jackets, backpack, pockets, everwhere.  Those bait boxes you carry on your belt just never seem to make it with me.  They work, I just can’t remember to slide my belt through them and wear it.

But now Bait Pal Products has a solution… the bait buddy!  These things are awesome.  Small containers which fit in a custom loop and can be carried as a single or multiple then clipped to you with a carbonator.  Did I mention they are awesome!  Everyone might have a different place that’s more convenient to them, with the carbonator clip it allows you to put it in the best position for you!

Each bait container can have different cures, colors or different bait.  Eggs in one, sand shrimp another, prawns another, and so on.  They’re see through so you know what in them, or take a black sharpie and label them.  Carry extras in your backpack and as you empty one they’re super easy to change out.
These want to make me fish bait even more! 

And, as an added convenience now you can have a small Styrofoam role in one with your jigs hooked up.  Bait, jigs… what more do you need?

These things are awesome!


Terry Wiest
Steelhead University