Fetha Styx Custom Rod

by Bryanna Zimmerman

This is my kind of rod! Not only is it pink in so many different places, but Nick Frye with Fetha Styx rod company did an amazing job in the custom shop to build this rod with me in mind. When I first read reviews on Fetha Styx rods, I knew this was going to be my next rod. I checked out their custom shop and when I saw the work that they do, I had to have one for myself. I wasn't thinking too over-the-top, maybe just some colored wraps with my name on it but when I got to their shop to pic out my specs, I felt like I was in the Toys-R-Us for fishermen. They had so many options to choose from and had so many great ideas themselves that it made it a great experience! Both Bill Boyce and Nick were there to answer all my questions and help me create this masterpeice. But the creation didn't just stop at time I was in the shop, they would update me as new parts would come in and as they thought of more ideas. It was great to see that they were constantly thinking of my rod and for me to be able to be a part of it the entire process.

I ended up with a 10'6", 8-12 lb rainshadow casting blank. When I initially picked out my blank, I was torn between a 10-20 lb because I wanted this rod for salmon, and the 8-12 lb blank. The 8-12 lb was exactly what I was looking for in a sense that it had an incredible backbone, but the taper and tip of the rod was ultra-sensative and I knew it was also going to be great for the fish on the smaller end. I also had the option of choosing how many guides I want, what type of guides to add, and where I wanted them placed. I was trying to keep it simple so I stuck with the original number of guides and placement, but ended up with double footed guides through the first half and single footed guides at the tip for a more sleeker look and less weight at the top.

When choosing the colors to wrap the rod with the options were absolutely endless and Nick wrapped a few different options for me so I could see what the final look woudl be. I got a carbon fiber butt in a dark grey and pink, marbled reel seat. This reel seat wasn't designed for the rod I chose, but they even custom altered this so that I could have this on my rod. The thing that amazed me the most was that they actually sized the end of the rod, to fit my arm and where I hold the rod when fighting fish. I had no idea it could get THAT custom! It's about 3" shorter than the original size so I don't have the extra weight or length of the butt in my way.

I couldn't wait to get this rod on the water and get into some fish so I could see how this beautiful masterpeice handled. I was steelheading on the coast and originally had it rigged for drift fishing. I couldn't believe all that I could feel through this rod. It truly was amazing the sensativity it had. I felt every little tick and bump including the tiny little trout that decided to test my bait. Float fishing is really my specialty and what I had in mind when designing this rod, but I wanted to really be able to feel the sensitivity.

I switched my reels, put on my braid, and rigged up my float gear. I instantly saw how much that extra few inches off the back and the lighter tip was so important. The last thing I want when float fishing is a heavy, top heavy rod that makes my arm tired of mending after about 5 minutes. The entire day that I fished this rod, my arm felt no pressure while fishing and this rod was virtually weightless but it was still long enough to make my mends smooth.

It was a slow morning, so I was elated to watch my float go under and get to put this baby to the test. I quickly set and instantly felt the throb of the steelhead. Now this was no trout and I wasn't exactly in the best spot to land a fish. I had to do some manourvering and walking down river in order to land this fish. The action on this rod was unbelievable! As I tried to steer this fish down river and handle it while it tooks its screaming runs, I could feel every move the fish made and was able to muscle it to me.

 I was astonished that Fetha Styx was able to create a rod that looked like this, was built just with me in mind, and yet was obviously created to handle fish. There was no doubt in my mind that the most important thing to Fetha Styx was to make sure this rod was going to handle well.

This is my first Fetha Styx and it will not be my last. From their amazing customer service, to the tiny details that they paid attention to, and to the most amazing rod I've ever fished, Fetha Styx blew me away. This rod truly is an all-in-one package and Fetha Styx took pride in every little step.



Visit Fetha Styx for more info: www.fethastyx.com