Eagle Claws One-Two Punch
Lazer Sharp Needle Point Hooks – Lazer TroKar Hooks

by Terry Wiest

Eagle Claw has been around since I think forever.  At least since I was a kid some 35 plus years ago I can remember getting a new Eagle Claw rod (yellow of course) and fishing with genuine Eagle Claw hooks.  The hooks those days were sharp, only a couple passes with the file and they were ready to fish!

Oh how far we’ve come.  New materials, new honing processes, new tempering processes, chemical sharpening, laser sharpening, etc. etc. etc.  All good stuff!

Eagle Claw came out with their “Lazer Sharp” hooks several years ago.  Now I’ll have to admit when they first came out I wasn’t overly impressed as I did find other chemically sharpened hooks I felt were not only sharper but stronger.  But, that was a few years ago.  Now, Eagle Claw has struck back with an awesome product in the new Lazer Sharp Needle Point hooks.  Now these are sharp… and strong!

With time comes technology, with technology comes improvements.  Eagle Claw has been in this business for a long time and for good reason – quality products!

To test the new Lazer Sharp Needle Point hooks I put a pink worm on a 2/0 Octopus hook, added some weight and put it under a float.  Chum were in and of course fight like a dog – a mean 'ol dog!  I hooked 5 chum within about 20 minutes on the same setup and the hook was still sharp as new and in the same shape as when I started.  Even these ugly old chums couldn’t deface the new Eagle Claws.  You can see by the photo below the worm was beaten to death and full of teeth marks but the hook was still perfect for another go around.

Next time you’re looking for hooks, check out the NEW Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Needle Point hooks!


Now comes the Knock Out Punch – Eagle Claw Lazer TroKar Hooks!

WOW, and I mean holy crap!  These have to be the sharpest hooks on the planet.  So sharp you almost don’t want to handle them with a barb for fear they will sink into your skin.

Eagle Claw claims these are the only Surgically Sharpened hooks.  Yes, I’d have to agree.  Not only had I never heard of them before, but definitely never seen them before because when you do see these believe me, you will not forget them.
They call them surgically sharp, I’ll call them wicked!

These were designed by pro bass fisherman, but not just any pros, these are one’s being a salmon and steelhead guy that I have even heard of them – Skeet Reece, Gerald Swindle, heck they even have a guy named VanDam.  They wanted the best of the best, sharpest of the sharpest and strongest of the strongest.  They got it all in a BIG way. Hey, I'm not a bass fan but I'll definetely give them kudo's on developing this hook.

Test’s show that the Trokar penetrates 60% faster than a standard hook.  I have no doubt in my mind that it’s a true statement.  The angle of the edges are… wicked!

Now I’m not a scientist and I don't have all kinds of testing equipmet, but it only took me to put the first pink worm on the TroKar hook to know just how dang sharp these are – it was like butter.

“But sharpness wasn’t all we were after. We wanted a hook that would be strong and reliable in a fight even using braided line. So we worked with pro-fishermen. With their input, we used higher carbon, cold forged steel and a bolstered shank design for added strength during aggressive hook-sets. Then put the steel through a unique heat treating process that adds impact resistance, and just the right amount of flex to resist breaking…” as stated on the TroKar site.

Just like the Lazer Sharp hooks I fished for Chum while testing these hooks, in fact the top picture shows the two hooks side by side, ready to rumble.

I don’t know what else to say except these hooks are awesome.

The only drawback is the price.  They are not cheap and expect to pay about $1.00 each for these hooks depending on size.

But… when missing a hookup IS NOT an option – TroKar is your hook!

Check out the munch job on this worm and notice the hook is still perfect. This was after several chum had succumed to the mighty TroKar.

Trokar Hooks


Visit the Eagle Claw's Site: www.eagleclaw.com

TroKar Site: www.lazertrokar.com