Magical Steelhead Beads

Beads are all the rage in the steelhead world.  Seriously - beads. 

Theres something about a single bead mimicking an egg as it meanders through the current that is almost impossible for a steelhead to ignore.

There are many beads on the market today... we happen to like those produced by for most single floaters, or those manufactured by Hevi Beads in heavier current or when utilzed with other beads and/or material to look like roe tumbling down the stream.


The setup is quite simple. Use 10lb flourocarbon leader. Tie on a #4 high quality hook. Slide a single bead down within 1 1/2 inches. I then use the elastic band from the Hevi Beads System to peg the bead. A toothpic or similar will also work.

Using a 2 ft leader cast out and fish as you would a float.

Igf you really want to get enthusiastic, be creative with the Hevi Beads System and see what you can come up with.


Terry Wiest
Steelhead University