Lindy River Rockers

by Bryanna Zimmerman

The Shiner


Lindy really reached out and hit the salmon/steelhead market the right way! Their new plug, the River rocker, is one of a kind and was designed to make a statement. With it's multi-faceted design, the possibilities with the river rocker are endless. It has a more curved shape than your typical plug, thus allowing it to have a more vast presentation. The enhanced curve allows it to give a "wobling" presentation that will move in a wider pattern thus covering more water.
The colors that this plug comes in are nothing like you have seen on a plug and neither have the fish. It's available in over 15 colors and they are currently expanding the variety even further. Not only are the shades unreal, the color schemes altogether are so creative and unique, there's no way it can slide past a fish going unnoticed. There are some color schemes that are perfect for more colored water including hot shades of green, orange, chartruese, and pink as well as lighter schemes for that crystal clear flow ranging from blues to purples and pinks to green. They also have several options that have a chrome body with colored bills and butts. Almost all the River Rockers have a very unique style of flash on the sides that reflects the perfect amount of rainbow prisms such as what you would see on a flasher, only less flashy.
The plugs come in two sizes, both fairly small but are the perfect size for trolling, back-trolling, and even casting. They typically dive around 5' depending on the speed of the current.
Watching the rod tip slowly and gently pulsate through a moderate speed, shallow hole was enticing enough, but to see how hard it got hit was quite the site! The fish certainly couldn't resist the pattern of my favorite, the Shiner, and hit the River Rocker with full force!
Lindy's River Rocker is definitely a plug that is a must-have in your tackle box this steelhead season!