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Got Beads?

Beads are the newest thing in steelheading.  Seriously.  Yes, beads have been around forever and many of us have used beads when trying to lure one of these gorgeous fish from the rivers.  But, generally speaking, most of us don’t use beads alone.  We add them to other fish attracting devices and the bead is usually an accessory.  Beads on spinners, beads with corkies, cheaters, spin-n-glos, okies, winners… the list goes on and on.  And don’t forget the yarn too.

The makers of Steelhead Beads says it isn’t necessary – beads will catch steelhead by themselves and actually out fish most of the other combinations buy themselves. Really?  I had to try.

I followed the suggested rigging techniques on and took a trip out to the coast with my friend Mike Z.  I was telling him I was going to try the beads, he just smiled and showed me a rig he’d already tied up, a single red faceted bead pegged about 2 inches above a #4 hook.  Right on, at least we’re on the same page.

I wasn’t but a few casts and Z hooks up.  Yep, that single red faceted bead got a fish before I hooked up with one of my favorite jigs. 

We managed several fish that day, both on single beads and on jigs. 

So am I sold on Steelhead Beads?  Yep… got some with me at all times now.

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Terry Wiest
Steelhead University