Wicked Lures

Oly Pen Devoloped Coho/Steelhead Spinners

by Terry Wiest


I was all set to let you know how great these spinners were for coho on the Olympic Peninsula, but then I got a bonus... I caught an early winter run steelhead too!

Yes, this are killer for coho and you really need to get some for next year, but now that the coho season is all but over don't pass up these unique spinners when targeting steelhead.

I call them a drift spinner as you set them up just like a drift fishing setup. I did use a slow retrieve however to make sure the blade was spinning. Coho also seemed to like a little twitch every once in awhile. Don't get over enthusasitic as use these as a pure twitching setup those as the weight and lure can tangle at this point. Just a slow retrieve and then a small twitch between 1 and 3 times per drift is plenty.

Coho were eager to attack these spinners as it's the perfect combo of spinner and hootchie. With the weight being up the line 2 ft they don't feel the lure right away and generally ample time to set the hook - then they'll feel it.

As the picture shows above I was fortunate enough to hook a steelhead as well. The steelhead hit almost instantly when it hit the water so I can't actually say whether a small twitch would or would not help out with them, although I tend NOT to have much movement on my steelhead presentations so I'd opt for a slow retrieve with no twitching for steelhead.

I wish these has come to my attention prior to the coho season as they were flat at killer the one attempt I did have at fishing for them. Oh, well... next year!

In the mean time I'll keep a few with me for steelhead... it worked once, it'll work again.

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