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Sardine Wrapped Kwikfish

The Kwikfish by Luhr Jensen is by far the most effective plug for taking salmon once they enter the river.  Though they can be effective right out of the package, rigging them with a sardine wrap makes them downright deadly! 

Here's how to rig a Kwikfish with a sardine wrap:

1.  Use a sharp knife to fillet the sardine


2.  Once you have a whole fillet take bait scissors and trim the stomach cavity from the fillet, resulting in a fillet of uniform width.


3.  Now using the scissors cut a section from the fillet and slice it up the middle to form a pair of "pants".  For a K-16 I like a wrap that's between 1 3/4 and 2 inches in length.


4.  Slide the sardine wrap over the belly eye of the plug.  The notch in the wrap should be cut so that the eye slides approximately into the center of the wrap.



5.  Begin wrapping with elastic thread at the front of the sardine wrap and work past the belly eye on towards the tail of the plug.  Since elastic thread is easy to see we've used it for this demo, but on the water we'll usually opt for Spider Thread, which is virtually invisible.


6.  While wrapping the sardine be sure to keep the fillet in the center of the plug, as it will tend to shift in the direction you are wrapping.  Keeping the wrap centered will make tuning the plug easier later.


7.  When finished tie at least two half hitches in the thread to make it hold longer and you're finished with the wrap. 

Each wrap will effect the action of the plug differently, so be sure to tune the plug after every new wrap and if a plug hasn't had a hit in roughly 45 minutes be sure to change it out with a fresh wrap. 


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