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October 28, 2014

River Reports

Photo Submitted by Gary Grahn, Olympic Anglers Guides and Charters, Riverview RV Park, (360) 640-4820; olympicanglers.com; olympicanglers@centurylink.net

Coastal & SW Washington Report

October 28, 2014


No report this week


For more info call Phil Stephens, Mystical Legends Guide Service Call (206) 940-0052 or E-mail

Silver fishing this past week has been on fire. Lot's of new fresh fish every day. There are lot's of ways to get these fish, jigs, plugs, spinners etc. but the go to bait for me has been eggs. Bobber, drifting or back trolling.I'll be hunting for the next several days but I'll be back fishing by the 4th or 5th. I have a few dates open in November if any one is looking to get out.

Rob Sweem, R&K Guide Service
(360) 481-0612 or Email


No report this week


(253) 208-7433 
Bruce Warren
Fishing For Fun Guide Service


No report this week

Todd Daniels
Tall Tails Guide Service
Cell 206-437-8766 or Email


No report this week


Bonner's FishON! Guide Service 
Website bonnerfishon.com
Cell 425-281-8772
Email Bonnerfishon@gmail.com


No report this week


Casey Weigel
Waters West Guide Service

No report this week


Joe Princen Jr.
JP'S Guide Service

253 347 5300 or Joeprincenjr@gmail.com



Grays Harbor Systems...

Ok we're starting to transition out of the saltwater and into the rivers this

There's certainly no shortage of Coho available in all the systems this fall,
especially with all the high water we're seeing. If you're willing to be at the
ready and make the call on short notice you can get some fishing done in-between rain storms. The days that we've been able to get out have been outstanding!!!

Chinook fishing on the Humptulips will close after Friday, October 31st but Coho retention will roll on through the new year and beyond. 

We fish a lot of "hardware" for these aggressive Coho but occasionally drift eggs for them as well. That opens up a greater possibility of catching
Steelhead and Chinook too. 

As far as hardware goes...it's hard to beat the #4 and #5 Vibrax spinner,
1/4-1/2oz feather jigs or hoochies, and small wiggle wart style plugs. 

Our team will be guiding the central coast and grays harbor systems through mid April with salmon now, moving into hatchery steelhead/winter Coho, and then finishing with the legendary wild steelhead season. 

Mark Coleman - Guide/Owner, All Rivers & Saltwater Charters
www.allwashingtonfishing.com, 425-736-8920

Team Guide Drift Boats


Olympic Pennisula Report  

October 28, 2014

Well this is been one of the best Octobers we'd had in a couple of years. Even though the waters been high there's been plenty of fish to be caught.
Some of the best techniques are fishing jigs pink or chartreuse right off the beach.  That's where the fish are laying when the water is really high. Size 5 Vibrax orange body chartreuse  body silver blade has been working good. Should be good all the way though Nov!!!!




Gift Certificates Available

Submitted by Mike Zavadlov
Mike Z's Guide Service
(360) 640 8109
Email: mike@mikezsguideservice.com

The Quileute River System continues to produce the best catches here with the Hoh River being washed out and unfishable until our weather moderates. The Sol Duc near the hatchery has been the hot spot. Even in the high flow there are enough fish to make it happen. In the high flows plugging large Kwik Fish in 13-15 size wrapped.  Heavy spinners with a hoochie tail and twitched jigs for the fish that have set in pocket water.

The rain volumes have been elusive for the weathermen to predict to say the least. The “starting point”.  You have to be here and go after them.

Gary Grahn, Olympic Anglers Guides and Charters, Riverview RV Park, (360) 640-4820; olympicanglers.com; olympicanglers@centurylink.net

 No report this week


Submitted by Jake Nelson, Coastal Chrome Guide Service


Washougal River

October 28, 2014

Skagit River

October 28, 2014

No report this week


North Rivers
October 28, 2014

No report this week


Snohomish River System

October 28, 2014


No report this week


Tyler Perry - reelprosguideservice@gmail.com


Klickitat River
October 28, 2014

Silver count over Bonn.... Dam is looking soooooooo good. I would love to see you on my calendar in the next three weeks for some light rod Steelhead, Silver action

Call or email Tracy Zoller .... phone (509) 369-2366


Upper Columbia
October 28, 2014


Would you pay $25 to fish “closed waters” and catch huge Kings like the one pictured below all day long?

A huge “Upriver Bright” approaching 40 Pounds!

Last Friday, my son Patrick and I participated in the “King of the Reach” Salmon Derby which is jointly sponsored by the Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and the Tri-Cities Chapter of the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA).  The purpose of the Derby is the live capture of “unmarked” adult Kings, so that they can become part of the WDFW’s brood stock program.   The goal of the brood stock program is to increase the gene pool used in the production of hatchery Kings.

Derby Poster

However, these are not just any King Salmon; these are the famed “Upriver Brights” (URB’s).    URB’s, are King salmon that predominantly spawn at or above the Hanford Reach area of the Columbia.  These fish are known for their extremely large size, some reaching over 50 pounds!  Additionally, these Kings are extremely strong because they have to fight their way back up the Columbia all the way to their spawning grounds.  Genetically, they have adapted to this long journey from the ocean and while their skin colors up; their meat stays in prime shape into October.
The White Bluffs boat launch is a short 155 mile from our meeting place in North Bend.  Most of the way the speed limit is 70 MPH on the Interstate and 55 MPH on the State Routes (SR), so we were able to make it there in less than 3 hours.  One word of caution is that if you have never been there before, when on SR-24, slow down well in advance of the turn off into the Hanford Reach National Monument.  Watch for Mile Post 63, and the right turn is about two tenths of mile past that.  There is also a small sign on the side of the road.

We arrived after daylight because we stopped and checked out several other spots along the way, including, the Vernita Bridge launches.  This because the “Bridge” area is also part of this Derby and I know that area.  Unfortunately, by getting To White Bluffs late, we missed an outstanding morning bite.   But in the end we made the correct choice because reports from the Derby weigh-station at the “Bridge”, indicted the CATCHING was much better at White Bluffs!

If you have never fished a Derby in eastern Washington before you are in for a real treat.  The people there are really friendly and there was less than a dozen boats fishing there, so the ramp was never crowded. 
Plus, when the CCA members and WDFW staff found out that we were from North Bend and never fished there before, they all bent over backwards to give us tips to help make us successful.  When they saw my gear they became somewhat skeptical. Patrick and I were going to use the Pro-Troll flasher with Agitator Fin (it is called a Pro-Chip -11 flasher) and a Brad’s Super Bait.  Everybody there said that was the standard “go-to” gear on the Reach because the Pro-Chip flasher with the Agitator Fin will rotate at speeds as slow as mile an hour, while other flashers will only rotate at speeds at or above 1.8 MPH.

However, they told that this morning most of “URB’s”, that had been brought in were caught on sardine wrapped Brad’s Killer Fish or jet divers and eggs.  We thanked them for their advice but decided to use our gear as I have had excellent success with it at the “Bridge”.  This proved to be our best decision of the day!

A great URB for the Brood Stock Program!

The White Bluffs launch is paved and it is either a narrow two-lane launch or wide one-lane launch depending on traffic.  When we were there people, used it as a one-lane launch but I suspect that when things are busier, it might become a two-lane launch.  The area of the Columbia River around this launch is extremely easy to navigate with a boat with a prop if you are able to read river water. There is a”deep section” for a couple of miles, but if you want to venture beyond that, you will need a boat with a “Pump”.

After launching, we ran up to the head of the “deep section” and started to back-troll down.  About half-way down the hole, we had our first fish on!   After a very good fight it came off at the net.  It was just one of those things with barbless hooks, but as this is a “live- capture” Derby, barbless hooks are a must.  Besides, barbless hooks are now required in the entire Columbia system.

We had just gotten the gear back in the water, when we had our second fish of the morning hit and it was a beauty!  I do not have a live well in the boat but I brought a 120 quart cooler and the WDFW staff loaned an aerator pump with battery clips.  Each time we caught a fish, we put fresh water in the cooler, turned on the pump and brought it directly to the weigh-station.  There the fish’s sex was determined and it went immediately into the WDFW’s tanked truck for safe keeping until it was time to for the truck to leave for the hatchery.  (Note: The fish were never weighed to keep handling to a minimum.)

“Live well cooler”, turned on the pump

When you figure out the pattern and the bite is on, success after success often follows.  We soon realized that if we started half way down the hole, we would have better luck.  The pattern was, that when we would put one rod in the water and drop it down with the downrigger, we would usually have a hook-up before we could even get the second rod down! So on our second pass, we started a run that lasted for the rest of the day.  I think we turned in 8 URB’s, lost 5 more and released a number of clipped Kings. 

However, during much of this time, the bite was really not on for most people. The key is that you have to the right offering behind the right flasher.  I believe the best bait for this area is Brad’s Original Super Bait.  It was developed especially for the Columbia River and it really worked for us.  Part of the reason that this lure works so well is that you open the lure and fill it with your choice of baits.  In our case it was canned tuna that was packed in oil, fish oil and salt.  Normally, you have to pull your gear and refresh your bait often.  But as we were putting down “refreshed” Super Baits each time, they never were in the water long enough to need refreshing!

All of our fish came on the White Glow, White Super UV or Chartreuse Pro-Chip 11 flasher and the Hot Tamale or Hotter Tamale Brad’s Original Super Bait with a 50 inch leader

“Killer Combination”:  Pro-Troll’s Pro-Chip Flasher and Brad’s Original Super Bait!

As time went by, the CCA members and the WDFW staff noticed we were the boat that was making the most trips to the weigh-station.  We also noted that we were the only boat using the Pro-Chip -11 flasher and a Brad’s Super Bait.  The weigh in station staff noted it too.  They started asking us if we could come back tomorrow because we were making a significant contribution to the number of fish being collected.  They said at the rate we were bringing in fish, that if we had gotten there at daylight, that we would be way ahead of the other boats. 

My Tica Downrigger Rod with a Seaspirit Line Counter Reel.
Alas, we had other plans for Saturday.  Also, for us being from outside of the area, it was not about winning the Derby but rather making a contribution to the brood stock program.  I think most of the other anglers felt this way also.  We never saw any issues on the water and at the end the day, there was kielbasa and beverages where everyone stood around enjoying a friendly conversation comparing notes on the day’s fishing.
You must put this event on your 2015 calendar because you will have a great time and meet a lot of nice people!

Mark Gavin is a Salmon University staff member and an active member of several Puget Sound Angler Chapters.

Hells Canyon / Clearwater River, Idaho

October 28, 2014


No report this week


Submitted by Ryan Rosenbaum



No report this week

Submitted by Ryan Pitcher
1 866 846-4240 or Email ryan@wcafish.com

North Coast Oregon

October 28, 2014


No report this week


Andy Martin
Wild Rivers Fishing Oregon and Alaska Salmon, Steelhead and Halibut Fishing www.wildriversfishing.com

Portland Area Rivers:

Willamette Valley

October 28, 2014

No report this week

Kyle Bushelman (541) 517-7536

Sandy River

October 28, 2014



Clackamas River

October 28, 2014

No report this week

Fraser River, British Columbia

October 28, 2014



Simply Amazing could be the words used to describe this weeks fishing. Sturgeon , Salmon, great clients, couldn't ask for a better week. See below for more details.

Fraser Sturgeon

Sturgeon fishing has been excellent this past week, in fact the past 3 or 4 days has been some of the best fishing of the entire season. Yesterday we landed well over 100 fish between 6 boats with high boat landing 29 sturgeon. Lots of smaller fish but also some beauties in the 6 to 8 ft range. Several baits are working well, Chum roe, stink bait and Lamprey.

Salmon Fishing

Salmon Fishing has been fair to good, some nice Coho being caught on the Stave River, Harrison and Vedder as well as Fraser. Casting spoons and spinners has worked best but fly fishing is also producing some nice fish. If your thinking about getting out, the next two to three weeks is the time to do both salmon and sturgeon combo trips.

Over the next 4 to 5 weeks we will see some of the best fishing of the season for numbers of fish, although there are still lots of big sturgeon in the river we are starting to catch all sizes including smaller sturgeon that are feeding heavily as winter is coming soon. The action can be fast and furious so lots of fun on the water. This is peak fishing so great time to get out for both salmon and sturgeon.

Here is a 10 ft 5 inch sturgeon, Kiss & Release.


To Book Your next guided adventure, call us Toll Free 1-866-771-3474

Remember to conserve your catch

Tight Lines and we will see you on the water

Vic Carrao
STS Guiding Service
604 671-FISH (3474)

Skeena Region, BC Canada
October 28, 2014



No report this week


Gill McKean, Westcoast Fishing Adventures www.westcoastfishing.ca
1-866-578-8552 toll free 1-250-615-3477 cell
Fishing is our addiction ­ Guiding is our passion
Adventure is in our blood

It’s been a rough few days for steelhead fishing, with the high water as you may know. Fishing skeena country as a paying fly fishing client puts the pressure on us guides! Sitting at the lodge telling stories and tying flies is short lived.

And topping the day is a pair of steelhead swung by Spey angler Kevin.
Nice catches Kevin! Also Yuzo with a fresh sea run Steelhead.
With the rivers really shaping up, November will be a bonanza of Lunker Steelhead.

Tight Lines,


Tracey John Hittel
Kitimat BC Canada
250 632-9880 hm.
250 639-4277 cell.



October 28, 2014

No report this week


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