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River Forecast Info

April 15, 2014

River Reports

Submitted by Submitted by Mike Zavadlov
Mike Z's Guide Service
(360) 640 8109
Email: mike@mikezsguideservice.com


Coastal & SW Washington Report

April 15, 2014

Steelhead fishing has been winding down and focus for many has been on the Spring Chinook run that has actually been off to a great start. We finally have had some decent water to fish them and we are catching a few. The Columbia river king season was extended last week and is fishing well and many of the tributaries are putting out fish.  Good numbers of Spring Chinook have been crossing the Bonneville dam and fishing will only get better up above the dam at places like the Wind River and Drano lake areas where decent numbers of fish have been caught this last week. Trolling the area above the dam with herring, prawn spinners and plugs is best. The Mag Lip 4.5 wrapped with sardine will get you into good fish and is by far the best plug to use in both these areas. Colors vary but a the good old gold Double Trouble is hard to beat.

Cowlitz has a decent number of late winter steelhead around the Blue Creek and Barrier dam areas. Freedrifting small baits has been tops. Springer action has been decent in the same areas, herring, eggs and plugs are tops. Look for the area around Barrier to really start producing .

Here a couple fish from this last week. Looking to get out? I have a few days left open for Spring Chinook in May for both the Bonneville pool area which includes both Drano lake and Wind River as well as the Cowlitz river. 


For more info call Phil Stephens, Mystical Legends Guide Service Call (206) 940-0052 or E-mail

Fishing remains pretty good with the odd day thrown in for good measure. Still a good number of steelhead around with springers showing in the mix. It's looking like we should have a pretty good season this year. Sidedrifting yarnies or eggs for the steelhead and backtrolling eggs, shrimp, and or herring or plugs will all work on the springers. I have a couple of days open for April and a few dates left for May.

Rob Sweem, R&K Guide Service
(360) 481-0612 or Email

Here are some photos from the Columbia and the Cowlitz.
$150 will get you on the boat for a chance at the best eating salmon that swims!
Two people minimum, five people max.

(253) 208-7433 
Bruce Warren
Fishing For Fun Guide Service

Well we keep rolling through a very good steelhead season here in the cowlitz and we are still getting limits of dime bright fish. Now in the mix are more and more springers as well as a few early summerunns! Weve been primarlly sidedrifting eggs but over the next couple weeks well start backtrolling plugs or bait through the deeper holes targeting the tastiest fish in the northwest!!! The key to springers is a bit of patients and keep your gear/ bait clean as they are very smell oriented. Still have a few dates bail thru mid may!


Todd Daniels
Tall Tails Guide Service
Cell 206-437-8766 or Email

Great fishing continues here in WA State.
Springers are being caught more and more consistently everyday now on The Columbia River and her tributaries. Unfortunately the river closed Monday at midnight. Cross your fingers and hope for an extention! If WDFW does extended I would expect very good fishing to be had on the Lower Columbia River below Bonneville Dam.

Walleye have also turned on with this great weather. Banks Lake, The Columbia River, Moses Lake, & The Potholes Reservoir have all turned on. Trolling and jigging are the two top producers by far this time of year. Maybe think about releasing the BIG females you catch and kill and grill all the smaller ones, especially the males.

Don't forget The opening day of westside rainbow trout is right around the corner, opening day is the last Saturday in April. It's a Great day for all. I will be out on the water with a full report of the days events. Triploids, or bust!

I will be offering Walleye and/or Bass combo trips over East on The Potholes Reservoir starting on May
1st. Expect good action and nice weather. This is a great fishery if your looking to catch multiple fish, in multiple locations, with various tactics, all in the same day, on the same trip.

As of right now, My boat is still targeting winter run steelhead with the opportunity of catching a springer salmon. We are catching multiple fish everyday. Side drifting is my go to method right now. Eggs and prawns are putting fish in the box. My last open date for 2014 winter run steelhead is April 18th. Call me and let's get you into some of the below pictured action!

Bonner's FishON! Guide Service 
Website bonnerfishon.com
Cell 425-281-8772
Email Bonnerfishon@gmail.com

Many are wondering what’s going on with our springer season. The projection this year was for 265,000 Upper Columbia spring Chinook to return.  Usually, we see the majority of those fish in the end of March through the first of April. However, as of today only 1,374 have swam through Bonneville Dam. Anglers have taken that many, too.

While I’m not biologist, my opinion is the run is either late or there’s tons of fish in the river and they are just not moving, which explains the low counts of fish over the dam. Keep in mind, the season was supposed to close already. And, we’ve already gone through one extension, which means they’ve given us an extra week to catch the 10,500 spring Chinook allotted to anglers in the Columbia River from Bonneville to Buoy 10.

The question on everyone’s mind remains is the run going to materialize as forecasted or is the run just late? My thought is the run is just late. There’s a lot of fish in the river system right now, but they aren’t moving. The original season was from March 1 through April 7 when few fish were caught. Our current season runs April 7-14. Are they going to give us another extension? I believe there’s going to be another because there’s no way we can catch 8,000 Chinook between tomorrow and Monday.

To me, what’s going on is there’s a lot of fish in the river system right now. The numbers are in the river, and that’s my opinion, but the fish aren’t traveling fast to get upstream. Keep in mind, these fish come in the spring and don’t spawn until the fall, so they’ve been in no hurry to get upriver. I’m a firm believer that the fish are here and they are biting for those in tune with the fishery and are using the proper bait.

Unfortunately, the biggest hurdle out there right now is perception.  People are chasing fishing reports too much, which often aren’t correct. They read that people aren’t catching fish so they don’t come. However, many of professional guides are getting their limits or near limits of spring Chinook everyday. There’s fish here, and lots of them, you just need to tune your techniques to catch them.

I’ve been doing the same thing daily since the season opened and have been successful by curing my herring with Pautzke Fire Brine. I prefer Natural and am curing my herring for 12 hours to ensure the brine does a sufficient job. Meanwhile, many others are using chartreuse and blue to generate success, but I would also make sure that you have red herring in your cooler. The key to catching springers is having good bait.

It’s also imperative that you have more than one color of herring. On sunny days you want natural or blue. Cloudy days you want chartreuse. On partly cloudy days you want red. This is because different colors show up in different light conditions and water temperatures.

This fishery is pretty simple. There’s no reason to make it difficult. You want to make sure that you follow the bottom. Your bait needs to be on the bottom, not suspended. Speed is not as important when it comes to springer fishing. The most important thing is that your bait is flirting with the bottom, at all times. Troll the bottom and you’ll have a chance to catch fish.

Tides do matter. The best chance to catch your fish is on the high slack and low slack, but there’s so many fish in the system right now I don’t think it matters as much.

Bill "Swanny" Swann: 206-755-1204
Swanny's Guided Fishing: www.swannysfishing.com

Saturday brought favorable water conditions, sunshine, and a good bite on the Cowlitz. Back-trolling diver and bait worked well for us. We also saw a few fish picked up free drifting as well. There are also a few Springers being picked up.

Saturday was a great Mother Daughter day.

I still have some openings available for April. Contact me if you are looking for a guide to take you on your next fishing trip.

Marc Bush
Twisted Waters Guide Service
253-468-0610 : 360-894-7636

No report this week


Joe Princen Jr. 
  JP'S Guide Service  

We had a blast Springer fishing on the Columbia River - great weather most days and the fish were top notch A++ quality!

Looking forward to the Wind River and Drano Lake starting tomorrow.  With the dam counts at Bonneville over 1,000 - it should be red hot up there!

Call or text to get out 253-389-0359

Casey Weigel

The mighty Columbia cranked out a lot of spring chinook this past week!  Monday, 4/14/14 was the last fishing day under the current rules but it will list likely reopen in May after run size updates.  Keep an eye on that! 

Until then, the Puget Sound has been producing some great chinook fishing and we will be offering that fishery through the end of April.  Most of our chinook limits are coming from the saltwater.  Inquire for details!

Cowlitz...we're seeing steady hatchery steelhead fishing and the occasional springer in the mix too.  Side drifting with small yarnies or single ez egg with a touch of yarn is your go to technique for the steelhead.  You'll catch just about everything on that setup but if you want to target the chinook more specifically, drag or back troll salmon eggs, or back troll and hover fish with herring. 

Good luck!

Mark Coleman - Guide/Owner, All Rivers & Saltwater Charters
www.allwashingtonfishing.com, 425-736-8920

Team Guide Drift Boats

Columbia River- Spring Chinook

What a great week on the lower Columbia river! I'm so glad we got that extension.  Counts over Bonneville Dam are finally increasing with up to a thousand fish over the dam a day. We will be fishing on Wind River and Drano Lake until the end of May. With both fisheries heating up and a two fish limit per person, the season is going to be awesome.
  Flat lining plugs and trolling prawn spinners are the best technique to catch these beautiful fish. I have a few days during this fishery still open. If you haven't made it out yet, this is the time.

Good luck to all and Fish On!!

Ryan-Riverside Guide Service


No report this week


Submitted by Nathan Bryant

West Coast Anglers : Email

Olympic Pennisula Report  

April 15, 2014

Forks Rivers continued to produce good numbers of steelhead. There are also a few summer's and Spring Chinook showing up too. The Hoh shut down today on the 15th but the Bogie, Calawah and Sol Duc are still open until the end of the month for steelhead.  If you want to go out and have a chance to catch all three give me a call. Mike Z's Guide Service.



Gift Certificates Available

Submitted by Mike Zavadlov
Mike Z's Guide Service
(360) 640 8109
Email: mike@mikezsguideservice.com


No report this week


Jake Nelson: Coastal Chrome Guide Service

jakenelson56@live.com or call me 425-350-7782

Washougal River

April 15, 2014

Skagit River

April 15, 2014

No report this week


North Rivers
April 15, 2014

No report this week


Snohomish River System

April 15, 2014


No report this week


Andy Shanks - Guide/Owner
Island Guide Services


Fishing has been good on the Cowlitz. The steelhead fishing is pretty good around the Blue Creek area. We’ve also been seeing an increasing number of Springers being hooked from  Barrier to Blue Creek. Back bouncing, side drifting and divers with bait have been the best producers. For the bank angler, you’re going to find your fish in the area around Blue Creek. The Skookumchuck is a great place right now if you want to catch big numbers, but the quality of the fish we’re catching is declining as fresh fish are far fewer than the recycles. Springer fishing is only going to get better on the Cowlitz though, so now is a good time to count your sick days! The week days are going to be less crowded. I’m offering $25 off per person on my weekday trips right now, so if you’d like to get out, give me a call.


Nate Treat – Guide and Instructor - (360) 481-0051

Nate Treat Fishing


No report this week


Tyler Perry - Reel Pros Guide Service

(425) 345-7606 or www.reelprosnw.com

Klickitat River
April 15, 2014


No report this week


Call or email Tracy Zoller .... phone (509) 369-2366


Upper Columbia
April 15, 2014


No report this week


Hells Canyon / Clearwater River, Idaho

April 15, 2014

No report this week


Submitted by Ryan Rosenbaum



No report this week


Submitted by Ryan Pitcher
1 866 846-4240 or Email ryan@wcafish.com

North Coast Oregon

April 15, 2014


No report this week


Andy Martin
Wild Rivers Fishing Oregon and Alaska Salmon, Steelhead and Halibut Fishing www.wildriversfishing.com

Portland Area Rivers:

Willamette Valley

April 15, 2014


No report this week


Kyle Bushelman (541) 517-7536

Sandy River

April 15, 2014



Clackamas River

April 15, 2014

No report this week

Fraser River, British Columbia

April 15, 2014


It was nice to see some great fishing weather over the weekend, we spent several days out fishing the salt for salmon, completed our first river seminars and we are now starting up our spring sturgeon, steelhead and salmon season.

STS guide Thomas Rutschmann has been out several days this week and is out on a trip this morning. Water is in great shape and our guest from Vancouver just landed his first Vedder river Steelhead. Over the next 2 – 3 weeks we will probably see some of the best steelheading of the season, lots of fish in the system so great time to give it a try.

Vancouver Salmon
Vancouver salmon fishing is starting to pick up, any day now south end of Bowen Island should start to produce good results and Gulf Island are already starting to pick up. Ling fishery opens May 1 over in the Gulf so we are looking forward to getting out there. Crab and prawn fishing has been good and should remain steady until the commercial opening in May. Once that fishery is open we pretty much stop prawn fishing on salmon charters on the Vancouver side of the strait.

Although we still have lots of great salmon fishing between April and July, August is by far one of the best months for salmon fishing in the Vancouver area, with 70 million sockeye predicted this summer, it going to be a bit crazy. If you’re looking for a great local trip for both Chinook and Sockeye, August is the month to book.
Fraser River Sturgeon
Sturgeon fishing has been a bit spotty this past week, some days are great and the next day you can’t get one to bite. Most of this is due to inconsistent weather and we are still just a bit early for the Eulachon run. The lower and middle Fraser has fished best with most fish being caught on Eulachon and Lamprey eel.



To Book Your next guided adventure, call us Toll Free 1-866-771-3474

Remember to conserve your catch

Tight Lines and we will see you on the water

Vic Carrao
STS Guiding Service
604 671-FISH (3474)

Skeena Region, BC Canada
April 15, 2014



We're frozen over! Reports after the thaw.


Gill McKean, Westcoast Fishing Adventures www.westcoastfishing.ca
1-866-578-8552 toll free 1-250-615-3477 cell
Fishing is our addiction ­ Guiding is our passion
Adventure is in our blood


No report this week

Tracey John Hittel
Kitimat BC Canada
250 632-9880 hm.
250 639-4277 cell.



April 15, 2014

No report this week


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