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Rigging a Whole Sand Shrimp

Rigging Whole Sand Shrimp


If steelhead fishing had to be boiled down to two baits, it would be eggs, and sand shrimp (with prawns in third).  Like most people, I came across sand shrimp in magazine articles and tackle store talk.  (Photo 1)

Like most people also, fishing sand shrimp became a frustrating event, punctuated by flying baits that wouldn’t stay on and those baits that did stay on looking like a crumpled mess on a hook.  At best sand shrimp are delicate.  At their worst, they get very expensive.  Rigged properly, however, sand shrimp will take the punishment of drift-fishing at least as long as a bait of eggs and will backtroll until you physically remove it from the hook.


Here's how to rig one of these fish catching crustaceans:

Remove any oversized claw from male sand shrimp. (Photo 2)

Fold the tail over and begin bringing the hook point though the center of one of the tail segments.  (Photo 3)

Continue through the shrimp tail, exiting again though the center of a tail segment.  (Photo 4)

Draw the hook all the way through the tail. (Photo 5)

Lodge the hook in the head, catching a portion of the tail first, then bringing the hook point out through the top of the head.  Pull some line from the egg loop and place the loop over the shrimp. (Photo 6)

Snug the leader up and finish with a half hitch around the tail.  The half hitch will carry the weight of a Cheater, Corky or Spin-n-Glo.  The finished shrimp is well attached and should remain outstretched while fishing.  (Photo 7)



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