Don’t Let the Cold Ruin Your Ski Adventure

There’s no denying that keeping warm on a normal cold day indoors is already challenging enough, more so if you have to stay out most of the day. But despite the blistering cold temperature, a good snow day means a better opportunity for a wholesome skiing experience.

However, skiing is no fun at all if you’re not geared up and prepared to withstand the freezing temperature outside. So, here are helpful tips for staying warm to make the most out of your ski adventure.

Take Layering Seriously

Layering up is probably the most basic yet most crucial factor that can help you stay warm when it’s dangerously cold outdoors. It’s critical that you layer appropriately, so you can move comfortably and prevent any injuries while skiing.

You’re encouraged to wear one or two thermal base layers, an insulated mid layer, and a lightweight and water-resistant ski jacket. Although you have to put on layers of clothing, do avoid bundling yourself up thickly. Consider wearing insulated layers instead of thick ones so that your clothing won’t restrict your range of movement.

On the same note, you can’t just wear any type of bottoms if you’re planning on skiing. Ski pants are a must. You should also keep in mind to close gaps between your pants and your upper layers to prevent snow from penetrating through your clothes.

To keep your hand and feet warm, wear mitts and thick ski socks. On freezing days, mind the gaps and exposed parts of your body as well. Neck tubes, buffs and balaclavas can give areas like your neck and face comfort and warmth. Toques, beanies, helmets and goggles are also some accessories that you can use to keep your head covered and warm.

If you find yourself lacking something from the listed clothing and accessories above, you can do a quick browse on Bogner and look for ski jackets for men and women. A helpful tip when shopping is to stay away from cotton. Wool and synthetic fabrics work better in regulating sweat and keeping you warm.

Make Time for Short Breaks
Coffee break at ski trip

While you might want to spend as much time outside as you can, it’s best to take short breaks to warm yourself up from time to time. Finding a warm spot to sip a warm drink or going back inside your lodge after two to three runs can help you shake off the cold.

Making trips to the bathroom to empty your bladder can also help you stay warm by efficiently boosting circulation in your body. While you’re at it, you can also grab a hot meal before heading outside again. This can, ultimately, prevent frostbites and other injuries that the cold weather may bring.

Keep Moving

No matter how much you bundle up, the reality is that there are instances wherein you might find yourself stiff and frigid because of the temperature. It’s a good idea to keep moving your limbs instead of stiffening up in one spot. Although it might be hard to move around when it’s cold, your body will generate more heat if you just keep moving.

If you’re feeling cold, you don’t have to jump around or glide away to keep the cold out. Movements as simple as swinging your arms and rotating your wrists can help you boost circulation and generate some body heat to keep you from being stiff.

Skiing is an enjoyable snow activity. However, it’s essential that you come prepared to face the challenges that come with it. But if you follow the tips mentioned above, nothing else can stop you from having a fun-filled skiing experience.

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