Lesser Known Careers In The Home Improvement Industry You Might Not Know About

Home renovations are very common as more people want to personalize their homes, up their value, and keep them in the best condition for years. This also creates more jobs in the home improvement industry, spawning various occupations you might not have heard of before. These professions have more specialized tasks that might be useful for dealing with something specific in your house. Keep reading to learn more about these lesser-known careers that take care of particular areas and tasks for homeowners.

Smart Home Technician

As the world becomes more digital, homes become more advanced as people incorporate smart home technology into their everyday lives. These gadgets help make life more convenient, faster, and more secure. But as we know, tech devices can malfunction and break down without warning, which requires the expertise of technicians knowledgeable about home technology specifically.

Even though they have lesser-known careers, smart home technicians can help. They are experts in fixing smart home devices that fail to do their job. These technicians ensure you can safely use your devices and keep them functional for a few more years with regular maintenance. If you find any issues with automated or programmable home technology, these people are the ones you should call.

Local AC repair services are some of their most common tasks. As more AC systems become automated, the risk of malfunctions also increases. People may be unable to set the timer, or the system may stop functioning in the middle of the night. A smart home technician can help by offering regular AC maintenance services, from inspections to repairs and replacements. With their help, you can enjoy a comfortable and cozy home without all the hassle.

Sustainable Home Consultant

More and more people are becoming concerned about the planet’s condition. Climate change is upon us, changing everything we’ve known for the worse. As the number of residential areas grows, homes also contribute largely to pollution, making the services of a sustainable home consultant more relevant and crucial in conserving the environment. Their lesser-known careers may be the solution to making homes less environmentally destructive.

These professionals can help by suggesting various sustainable home upgrades. Because most structures are not built to be eco-friendly, they can help you find different home areas to make greener. For example, they might recommend installing solar panels to improve energy consumption. This helps you lessen your reliance on the grid while employing a renewable energy source.

Of course, they also do more than just that. They can also help you find home contractors that focus on sustainability. For example, suppose you’re looking for a bathtub contractor to install a tub in your bathroom. In that case, you can talk with a sustainable home consultant and tap their network of sustainable contractors. They will also help you plan the entire project so you’ll have minimal effect on the environment during the installation.

Even during home construction, they can play a significant role in ensuring an eco-friendly home. With this knowledge and expertise, you can select more sustainable home-building materials like reclaimed wood, bamboo, and cork while ensuring long-term durability. They can also suggest various sustainable techniques while living in your house, from rainwater harvesting to creating green roofing.

Home Staging Specialist

When selling your house, staging is an essential process that attracts potential buyers. Staging removes all personal touches from the house and makes it look like something out of a magazine. This creates a blank yet ready-to-be-lived-in space that helps buyers imagine themselves as homeowners. Yes, you can stage the home yourself, but a home staging specialist understands the very concept of staging and will do the job properly.

Although they have lesser-known careers, they are crucial in home-selling. They have an eye for design, so they can make your home look as good as possible, no matter how cluttered or cramped. With their knowledge of the real estate industry, they can also suggest some upgrades that will make your property look updated and modern, from open spaces to sustainable additions. Their ultimate goal is to create a stylish yet neutral home space for buyers.

Depending on your needs, you might also be able to access their real estate connections. For example, they can connect you with realtor lawyers for the sale. There are specific real estate laws that you must abide by when selling a house, so they can help you with various tasks regarding the sale. You can sell your home quickly at the best price with a reliable stager.

Virtual Interior Designer

Virtual interior designers are those lesser-known careers revolutionizing the home improvement industry. Before, designers had to visit the home and analyze the space in person to make design changes. But now, interior designers can work virtually with any client worldwide. With various applications, from video messaging apps to design software, they can give your home a needed upgrade without being there physically.

Their services make home design a lot easier. You can be as flexible as you can with your schedule while working with them. After sending them your home layout, they can propose changes that maximize your space while ensuring beauty and style, even if you’re always busy. This lets you manage the renovation no matter what your schedule looks like.

They may also be able to help coordinate the entire interior renovation. For example, if you’re moving into a new home but you’re too overwhelmed to start unpacking your stuff and create an aesthetically pleasing home design, your interior designer can communicate with your hired moving services to ensure your furniture and decor are placed right where they should be and look good.

Home Organization Consultant

Cluttered spaces are never fun. You’d have to move around your home while dodging various piles of stuff you no longer need or use. Inviting people over when you have a messy house can also be embarrassing. If the clutter has gotten too out of hand, you can work with a home organization consultant to create organization systems and restore order in your home.

As one of the lesser-known careers in the home improvement industry, their services are crucial in creating storage and organization systems. Especially if you have a lot of possessions, you may benefit from their knowledge and expertise. They can help you sort through your things, throw out what you don’t need, and make space for everything else. They can create personalized solutions that will eliminate chaos in your home for good.

These professionals can also connect you with other services crucial in home organization. For example, homes that have been cluttered for years may house pests. These properties may have full-blown infestations that can harm the home’s inhabitants. Your organizer can redirect you to pest exterminators who will remove the critters from the house before making more changes to the home. With the help of these home organization experts, you can relax better at home, knowing the space you’re in is in order.

Aging-in-Place Specialist

Many older adults prefer staying in their homes instead of living in a senior community. They want to live independently in their properties, ensuring they can continue their lives as before. However, their bodies also change with time, so you must make home adjustments to keep them safe and secure. To help them do what they desire, there are aging-in-place specialists who are experts in home renovations for the elderly.

Although one of those lesser-known careers, they provide necessary services for older homeowners. They help make the home safer by installing grab bars, non-slip flooring, and stair lifts to make life easier for the aged. They can also make changes for better accessibility, especially for those with disabilities or impairments. From widening doorways and streamlining pathways around the house to installing ramps and elevators, they ensure you can make your home as safe as possible for your needs.

They can also assist with more general home repairs. For example, they can communicate with septic cleaning companies to service an elderly house. Because you must do this task every few years, they can schedule regular cleaning for the home’s septic system without entrusting the senior residents with remembering the task. This ensures you can age in place and not worry about these tasks that you can easily forget as the years go by.

These specialists can also work with local roof repair services to fix an elderly’s roofing and keep the house from spawning mold that can harm their health. Leaks, missing shingles, and other issues can destroy the home with water damage, bringing mold and mildew. They can communicate with a roofing contractor in your stead so they can repair the roof immediately. With their help, you can keep living your life in the very home that you’ve lived in for years.

Custom Furniture Maker

When improving a home’s aesthetic and comfort, it’s also essential to consider the furniture. These pieces can make or break a home renovation project because they can stand as focal points for home design and practical pieces that make the house more functional. However, finding pieces that fit your aesthetic and comfort needs can be very difficult. If you want to check these things off your list, you can work with custom furniture makers to create pieces that suit your home perfectly.

Their furniture-making expertise ensures you have durable pieces that will look good for a long time. They can build unique chairs, tables, beds, closets, and vanities you’ve never seen before. With their craftsmanship, they will also focus on the details, making the pieces exactly as you like them. Depending on what you want, they can also work with various materials, from wood and metal to stone and glass. Make sure you collaborate with them closely and tell them your preferences to get the desired results.

These craftsmen can also help if you need more ergonomic furniture. They can create custom pieces that fit your measurements and have the right additions, from lumbar support to head and armrests. With their help, you can relax at home in good comfort. This may be one of the more well-known careers on this list, but it gets less recognition from the more popular careers like builders.

Landscape Designer

The outdoor space also deserves some attention. When renovating the home, the outdoor landscape ensures beauty and value. These spaces should always look stunning and well-maintained to complement the beauty of the home structure. However, landscaping is not as easy as it sounds. You must think about the land, the plants, the living space, the fencing, and the surrounding structures to avoid clashing aesthetics. So, to keep your home looking gorgeous, you should work with a landscape designer who knows what it takes to take your home to the next level.

These designers offer many services to ensure a beautiful home landscape. For example, your lawn soil may not be the best for the plants you want to decorate your land. These professionals can make certain changes to the soil and make it more suited for your plants. They can also take care of your trees if you have any on your property. A tree arborist can take care of pruning branches while keeping pests and diseases away.

Aside from the plants and trees, these people can also offer design services for outdoor living spaces. They can help you build a garden area where you can have coffee for breakfast or afternoon tea with friends. They can also decorate the space with various additions, from fish ponds and fountains to statues and trellises. Whatever you want your landscape to look like, they can turn it into reality as long as you communicate your vision. They also have one of the more well-known careers in the industry, but they don’t usually get recognized for their services.

The home improvement industry has many different areas to focus on, but there are also lesser-known careers that need to be applauded for the value they offer to homeowners. Aside from the usual roofers, bathroom and kitchen remodelers, plumbers, and electricians, you should also recognize the abovementioned roles in creating a more comfortable and safer home. Their professional services ensure you can live in your house without worrying about clutter, safety threats, or dysfunctional appliances. With their help, you can keep your house property in the best condition for years. As the home improvement industry evolves, more careers and professions will emerge to keep residential homes updated and modern.


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