Three Types of Sports Worth Getting Into This Year

With 2019 just off to a start, it is the perfect time to take up a new sport. And good thing for everyone — whether this is your first time to really get into sports or you are a bona fide buff looking for a new activity to try — there is a wide array of sporting activities to choose from. You have the popular ball sports (football, basketball, tennis), combat sports (wrestling, boxing, mixed martial arts), and water sports (swimming, surfing, diving).

Not to worry, though, if these sports do not interest you. There are still many other sports, which may be relatively newer and less popular, out there that you can look into. Check out some of them below.

1. Race Sports

If you are the type who gets a rush from literally leaving everything or everyone in the dust, then race sports involving wheeled vehicles might be for you. Cycling events, such as road bicycle racing, cycle speedway and track cycling, for instance, will surely satisfy your need for speed.

You can also check out off-road dirt bikes for sale and then get yourself one so that you can try your hand at the adrenaline-pumping motocross. For four-wheeled vehicles, there are even more activities to select from. Kart racing, drag racing and rally cross are just some of the many auto sports that will let you burn rubber to your heart’s content.

2. Obstacle Sports

Woman practising rock climbingHave you ever watched TV shows that feature ‘modern-day’ ninjas, Spartans, titans and gladiators tackling next-to-impossible obstacle courses? If you have and found them entertaining, why not get up from your couch and try these so-called obstacle sports yourself?

With these shows’ popularity nowadays, you will surely find a gym or facility that simulates obstacle courses with a 14-foot warped wall, huge rolling cylinders, unstable bridges, etc. Conquering these courses will improve your agility, flexibility, strength and endurance. Plus, whenever you feel confident enough in your skills, you can join competitions like the Ninja Warrior series or The Titan Games to give yourself a shot at winning big cash prizes.

3. Electronic Sports

You probably do not live under a rock, so you have most likely already heard about electronic sports or e-sports. And just so you know, the sport, although less physically demanding, is being considered to be included in the Olympics. If you are into video games, you can participate in organized tournaments for games like Defense of the Ancients (DotA), League of Legends and Overwatch.

There is also the drone and remote control car, boat and plane racing you can get into. Lastly, make use of your smartphone or GPS device and Internet connection and have a blast playing geocaching, which is a very modern form of treasure hunting.

There are many types of sports you can try this year. Just to name the more traditional and popular ones, you have ball, combat, and water sports. If these types are not for you, you can always go for the relatively newer and less popular activities, particularly race, obstacle and electronic sports.

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