Turning Your Backyard into a Playground and Its Advantages

Prolonged inactivity leads to boredom that can impede kids’ learning development. Are you looking for ways to entertain your kids? Here are some indoor activities that will surely keep them busy while stimulating their mind, particularly in this time of COVID-19

Mini golf course

What makes this sport different from others is it’s personal. You compete only with yourself as you try to exceed your previous record. This game is ideal for kids who prefer an individual sport. But since most outdoor activities are canceled due to the pandemic, try arranging an indoor golf course. You only need to set up a net and golf mat, and with a golf club and ball, you are all set!

Treasure hunt

This is a great way to challenge your kids while having fun. Just paint the pieces of stones with unique patterns, then provide them with a map and clue cards to find and collect the treasures.

Artist station

This develops the artist in your kids. By providing them with painting materials, they can get more creative and imaginative. Set up a chalkboard or paper wall in the backyard to let them draw everything they have in mind.


Aside from it’s fun, the trampoline is also a great form of exercise. It improves endurance and strengthens leg and back muscles. Plus, it also reduces stress. Place it in your backyard then keep track of the highest jump in a minute.

Obstacle course

Is there a better way to challenge your kids than an obstacle course? With old tires, you can easily arrange one in your backyard. To make it more challenging, add a maze out of cut-out cardboard, just push them half-way into the ground. Then tie a string between the trees that your kids have to bend under before they can move on.


With this, your entire family can have a great night! Ask your kids to dig a hole in the backyard and surround them with stones. You may set up your own tent, and when the sun sets, roast corn cobs, marshmallows, and sausages.

Arctic excavation

Winter couldn’t be a better time for this game. Let your kids explore and play Arctic adventurer. All you have to do is freeze the toys and bury them in the snow, then ask your kids to excavate them. But ensure to keep them warm and comfortable with thick layers of clothes. It protects them from coughs and colds.

Turning your backyard into a playground won’t only keep your kids active, but also improves their overall well-being. Here are some benefits it offers:

Develops motor skill

Outdoor activities require a lot of physical movements, improving balance and agility. This helps your kids develop their muscles, allowing them to be more independent in doing their own thing. In addition, it also supports the athlete in them.

Promotes healthy weight

Research shows that 38 million kids worldwide are obese, and unhealthy eating habits and inactivity are the primary culprits. Without physical activities, kids are more likely to play computer games. Gadgets have radiation and kids have the tendency to be stationary while playing on the phone. This ruins their vision and posture. It’s no wonder why more kids are developing myopia nowadays. Outdoor games such as basketball, swimming, and track help burn calories, resulting in a healthy weight.

Improves social relationship

Recreational activities usually require teamwork and coordination, helping kids develop better social relationships and a sense of belonging. It also makes them more self-aware and conscious of other feelings.

Strengthens immunity

Getting exposed to the sun remains the best way to obtain vitamin D, which is required in bone development and immunity. Children who spend sufficient time playing outside get a healthy dose of vitamin D.

Boosts brain function

Spending time with nature reduces mental fatigue which boosts cognitive performance. One study involving students shows that the group who had a walk in the trees did better in the memory test than those who did not.

Promotes better sleep

Different factors can disrupt a child’s internal clock which interferes with sleep, but it only takes sun exposure to regulate the circadian rhythm. When the eyes cells get sufficient sunlight the internal body clock works better, promoting quality sleep.

Lowers the risk of behavioral problems

They say that nature is the best cure for stress which leads to emotional disorders. It’s no wonder why children who are exposed to nature behave better. They are less hyper and impulsive. ;

Indeed, physical activities are good for kids, and by turning your backyard into a playground, you can help them stay fit and active.

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