Volunteering and Community Building in a Post-Pandemic Society

As we get closer to the one-year mark of COVID-19, we have seen and experienced a lot of things. Although most of it might be sad and depressing, it also allowed us to step up and do things we never imagined we were capable of.


When the pandemic hit us almost a year ago, we saw businesses and establishments close their doors, some permanently. We’ve seen or probably been through layoffs and furloughs that sent people packing for a home with no job security in sight. But it also allowed us to let our resourcefulness shine. We were able to get online jobs and start home-based businesses to tide us through this unpleasant season.


We saw how sports and entertainment take on a different shape as social distancing has been put in place and large crowd gatherings prohibited. We saw the stadium doors closed, the field covered, and the radar speed gun put away.


To say entire communities were affected is a very big understatement.


The government can’t do it all

As citizens, most of us are under the assumption that community rebuilding is the government’s job so we rest on our laurels and wait for the government to take the necessary action. After all, that’s what they’re supposed to do, right? Take care of everything as a form of service to us since we pay our taxes.




When it comes to times of crisis, it is our responsibility as citizens to help the government keep things under control and join them in the rebuilding efforts.


The coronavirus crisis is unlike anything we’ve experienced. It is uncharted territory. There are no playbooks. We’re all learning from it as we go along, including our government leaders.


At this point, we should all chip in and do our parts. The government, frontline health, and essential workers cannot take this on by themselves. Instead of taking a passive or reactive stance to how things are unfolding, we, as a people, should take a proactive stance and help out in any way we can, starting in our communities.


Volunteerism is badly needed and greatly appreciated now more than ever.


Why should you volunteer to help your community recover and rebuild?

Volunteering may seem like such an inconvenience to a lot of people, but it is very crucial at a time like this. We need all hands on deck if we want to see our nation rebuilt and our economy recover.


Here are some of our reflections on how our volunteerism can help rebuild our communities.


Creating avenues to come together to serve
With almost a year of physical distancing and isolation, most people are more than eager to go out and be with people, not just to socialize but to make a positive impact.


Giving people the chance to volunteer for projects in and around the community can help bring like-minded individuals together which makes the process of rebuilding and recovery a lot bearable and efficient.


Seizing opportunities for learning
One of the things that people can get from volunteering for community projects is learning new things that can add to a person’s growth. It gives us the chance to not only add to our head knowledge but it also adds to our skill sets, both hard and soft skills


Harnessing the thirst for human interaction and collaboration
As mentioned earlier, folks are eager to get out of their homes to be around other people. The craving for human interaction and socialization is greater at this time.


Opening doors for people to gather and put their brains together accomplishes more than just meeting their need for human connections. The level of productivity that can be achieved when people come together can speed up the community's recovery.


Two heads will always be better than one.


Making the shift to digital
Volunteering for a project is not just limited to being physically present on-site. We can utilize technology today. Going digital will allow those who are not yet comfortable being around people to still be involved in the community rebuilding efforts.


Staying true to what we were made for
There is an innate need for a human being to feel significant and have a sense of greater purpose. These are the things that most people want but miss out on. Volunteering gives one the realization that his or her existence is not just about having a family or building a great career or acquiring wealth It makes a person see that there is more to life than these temporal things. In the end, it is how you lived your life in service of others that bring greater meaning and relevance.


Volunteering is something that we should all readily take part in. It should never be just an option for us, especially at a time like this. Helping our government rebuild our nation is part of our legacy. Serving will never go out of style.

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