4 Ways to Make Your Next Date in Utah Even More Awesome

Date nights should not be repetitive. Good thing in Utah, you will not run of out of places to go to if you want to make your date night extra fun.

While dinner dates will not go out style anytime soon, it is good to add a bit of fun on your next bonding time with your partner. Fortunately, in Utah, you will not run of out of ideas and places to go to if you want to make your date night (or day) extra fun.

So, time to step up and step out on your next date with these crazy good ideas:

Explore Zion Park on wheels

Sculptured rocks, deep gorges and hanging valleys — there are so many natural wonders to see in Zion National Park. The park covers some of the picturesque canyons of the Dixie and Canyon Country regions of Utah. It’s simply a must-visit place for nature-lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike.

When it comes to exploring the place, there is no better way to see all of the park’s pristine glory than going on wheels. In fact, one of the popular Zion National Park tours you can participate in is ATV tours. You and your date can easily go to some of the most scenic spots and at the same time get adrenaline rush from riding the ATV.

Watch the local sport teams


If you are more of a sports fan, there are plenty of choices to go to for your next date night. Utah is home to many great teams of different sports, from soccer club Real Salt Lake, which was founded only in 2004, to the Utah Jazz. Throughout the year, you can catch live matches and be part of the crowd. You can also go to a local sports bar and cheer with the fans for every goal, bucket, touchdown or inning.

Catch a show at the Capitol Theatre

For a different kind of entertainment, why not catch a show at the Capitol Theatre is one of Salt Lake County’s endeared building and has been at the center of the local arts community.

Now, the 1913 landmark theatre hosts concerts and Broadway plays. Be sure to check the schedule beforehand to see which ones you want to watch. You can also plan and book tickets in advance so you can get ready for a one-of-a-kind night.

Work out together

Who says working out is no fun? On your next date, go to your gym or sign up for a fitness class. You can get fit and at the same time have fun competing on who can still stand up after a good workout. It will surely leave you and your date breathless after.

For a more thrill, you can try rock climbing. For starters, try going indoors if you don’t want to get overexposed to sun and heat. Then if you feel a bit more confident and, of course, with some training, go to more advanced outdoor routes.

Date nights should not always be the same or repetitive. With a bit of imagination and by going out of your comfort zones, you can make your next quality time even more fun and be closer to your partner.

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