How Your Family Can Take Part in Community Development

The backbone of every community is the family. As such, families must contribute to the well-being and growth of the larger group. A community is only as strong as the family who supports it. The family is integral in fostering a healthy and developing community that will be sustainable from one generation to the next.

It is also beneficial for the families to participate in many activities that promote the well-being of the community. Coming together to help communities is what makes the community-based approach better than a top-down approach. Aside from helping the community, families can also use this opportunity to bond and build stronger relationships with one another. Here are just some possible activities that you can spearhead in your area.

Promoting your community’s local tourism

Each community boasts something special. Some have traditions and colorful cultures, while others have natural wonders beyond imagination. Perhaps it’s time for you to explore these natural wonders and special traditions in your community. These unique features can also become a tourist attraction. In the long run, the revenue from tourism will greatly alleviate the community’s economic standing.

How can you start? Exploring our community for hidden gems can provide great support to your community. Once you identify what event or attraction you would like to feature, you need to find ways to promote it. Start a campaign to promote your local areas, and let word of mouth do its work.

Some communities even have lakes and rivers that you can explore as well. To promote these places further, it is beneficial to start some businesses around the area. For example, if you wish to promote your community lake, you may start with boat rentals around the area. Boat rental businesses are great, as they can be used for exploring the site. It is also perfect for people who are planning to go fishing. This adds allure to the community, and tourists will be more enticed to visit your community. If this is sustained, there will be a payoff for the community and the residents. The local economy will definitely flourish and thrive.

However, take note that you also need to check whether what you’re about to do is legal. It’s important to talk with your local council to know the proper steps to take. Remember, opening new attractions typically requires permits. Of course, you also need to register the businesses that would pop up in the area.

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Planting trees

It is not passé to say that tree planting is one of the most beneficial communal activities that an individual can partake in. Tree planting has benefited local communities and the environment. But imagine if an entire family joins in to support this activity. It will have much more impact than one person volunteering for it.

A community in Peterborough has begun a project to plant one tree for every person in the community. Every year, their number continues to grow. Currently, 100,000 trees have been planted, and the community expects to reach 230,000 by 2030. What this community has proven is how through community effort, impossible tasks become possible to achieve. Aside from the benefits to the community and the environment, volunteers are also learning and are provided with more opportunities.

You can also start your tree planting activities in your community, especially if there are many open spaces that can lend themselves to tree planting. These spaces can be turned into public parks, and the trees planted there can be used as natural shade. Members of the community need to perform environmental scanning. Then, they must set goals and make a plan on how to achieve them. The more people in the community participate in this, the more likely it will succeed and see fruition.

Teaching at a local orphanage

Another activity that you can try to do in your community is volunteering as a teacher. Anyone can join, and you don’t need to be a licensed educator to qualify. As long as you have the passion and the dedication to serve the community, you can become a volunteer. It is important to connect yourself to groups that can connect you to possible opportunities for volunteer work.

Most volunteers teach children in orphanages and other homes. You may also look into your local social work organizations. They may be able to refer you to those who need volunteers.

Hospitals and nursing homes in your area may also be looking for volunteers. Visiting and helping out in these places can be a good way to bond with your family and at the same time be more connected and grateful to the community.

Communities are the backbone of society. As members, it is up to us to ensure that programs benefit the people around us.

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