Everything You Need to Know about Choosing Baseball Gear

If you’re a baseball rookie, the sport can seem intimidating. Baseball gives players a wide berth when it comes to choosing the type of gear they will be using. Some positions have different equipment from others, and all the options can get confusing fast.

You might think you only need a glove, a bat, and some baseballs, but you’re wrong. If you’re serious about the sport, you need to invest in serious gear, from a speed pitch booth to radar guns and other accessories. Proper baseball equipment is designed to help the player to achieve their peak performance, regardless of your position.

Here are a few things you should bear in mind when choosing the best baseball equipment for your needs:

Choosing the right baseball glove

A baseball glove is an essential piece of equipment that can make or break your baseball career. Choose the right glove, and you’ll play at your best, the wrong one, and your training will be hampered. There isn’t much science involved in choosing the best glove for you, though. All you need is a bit of baseball knowledge.

One common mistake that many young players make is buying a glove that’s a few sizes too big, thinking that they’ll grow into them. Using a glove that’s too big for you will hamper your training efforts, and make the game harder for you. Choose a glove that fits. If you’ve outgrown your glove, borrow one from someone who has outgrown theirs. You’re not the only player who’s had to use many gloves as they grow up.

The size of the gloves depends on your position. If you’re an infielder, you’ll probably have smaller gloves compared to outfielders. You’ll also need to break the glove in. The most common way of breaking in a glove is to use it while playing catch with friends and family. It’s fun, and you could use the practice without the rigors of a coach.

Let’s say you just bought a new baseball glove and you need to use it soon. You don’t have time to play catch. One way to accelerate the breaking process is to use hot water or lanolin-based shaving cream on the glove. Rub the cream on the pocket of the glove and place a ball in the pocket. Tie a soft rope around the glove and keep it in a dry place overnight. Afterward, wipe away excess oil.

playing baseball

Choosing the right baseball bat

Don’t buy a baseball bat without doing some research. Rules differ from league to league in terms of the type and dimension of bats allowed. Some leagues also specify what materials are to be used, such as aluminum or wood. Ask your coach first before buying a bat to ensure you’re not wasting cash on something you can’t use.

When you’re starting, it’s smart to avoid defensive positions such as first base or catcher. Very few players get it right the first time, and missing your chance can affect your confidence level. Start at the sidelines and work your way in. Baseball is a mixture of skill, luck, and confidence.

These guidelines will help you choose the right bat and glove for you. Always remember that baseball is just a game, and mistakes happen all the time. If you miss your chance, just laugh it off and learn from it. A good attitude is essential if you want to succeed in this sport.

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