Exploring Utah for the First Time

With its countless national and state parks, historical sites, and recreation areas, Utah is like quicksand for travelers and adventurers alike. Every step you make on this doubly landlocked state sucks you deeper into its thrall. Many wanderers who originally planned on just skiing the Powder Mountain eventually found themselves extending their stay to add boat rentals to their itineraries.

So if you’re planning on visiting for the first time, here’s a word of caution for you: You’ll never get enough of this lovely Deseret. To help you create a satisfying itinerary for your next getaway, we curated a list of the best must-do activities below:

For the Sight-seers

  • Touring – Explore the state’s five national parks via a guided tour or rent a vehicle and drive yourself to these must-visit destinations.
  • Packrafting – Add a twist to your tours by backpacking your way through any of these parks. When water gets in the way of your journey, try packrafting. All you have to do is carry your rafts and paddles to travel safely through rivers.
  • Biking – Reduce your carbon footprint by ditching the vehicle rides and biking your way through Utah’s slick rock trails fantastic geological wonders. The national parks are a great place to start.

For the Nature Lovers

kayaking in Utah

  • Camping – Do you crave the thrill of exploring the wilderness? Try camping in thriving forests and sky-high mountains and test your survival skills.
  • Skiing – Salt Lake City, the state capital, is best known for its skiing spots. Glide on snow all you want and incorporate other activities within an hour’s drive from these areas.
  • Mountaineering – Although best enjoyed during winter, the skiing spots can be enjoyed regardless of the season. Climb your way through rocks or ice and enjoy the scenic landscape as you reach the peaks.

For the Adventurers

  • Off-Roading – Is riding an ATV through Utah’s salmon-pink sand in your bucket list? You’re welcome to visit Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park anytime.
  • Paragliding – Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paraglider, the private tours and lessons available will make your confidence soar.
  • Adventure Racing – Utah is one giant playground, which makes it the best place to explore for daredevils. Join adventure races and experience competitive trail running, mountain biking, rappelling, paddling, and more all in less than a day.

For the Water Sports Enthusiasts

  • Canyoneering – Utah’s canyoneering spots, including the Neon Canyon, are also a haven for photographers. Scramble and swim through these zones and leave with amazing memories and breathtaking photos.
  • Swimming –  Despite being a landlocked state, Utah features a fantastic selection of beaches and swimming spots. Choose from the variety of boats for rent, from sport boats and wakeboards to pontoons, and make your water sports adventure dreams come true.

Does this list inspire your travel plans? Ask anyone who’s ever been to this naturally diverse haven, and you’ll discover that not even a year-long stay will suffice to devour all its wonders. Even so, we hope you have a memorable trip to Utah!

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