Healthy Living in College

Milestones are benchmarks that we continually achieve in the span of our lifetime.

For adolescents, the biggest milestones would be finishing high school and attending university. Some individuals choose to end their education with a high school diploma. Others choose to go to university for higher learning, better job prospects, and more opportunities to socialize and expand their network.

Regardless of the reason, we can gather that going to a university remains a popular choice, considering over 19 million students enrolled this fall. If you’re one of them, congratulations!

Like most changes we go through, attending university will take time getting used to. For some people, the adjustment period never ends. After all, each year brings an onslaught of new courses and different problems to deal with.

At several points during your stay, you may find yourself overwhelmed and over exhausted. To prevent yourself from reaching this breaking point, it’s important to remember that leading a healthy lifestyle can make a huge difference in your university years.

Regular Exercise

One of the components that make up a healthy lifestyle is physical activity. Times spent sitting around while studying can be negated by hours being active.

Depending on the campus and building positions, biking is a great way to stay fit. It can also be used for leisure or an alternative mode of transportation. A bicycle is easy to bring along during the move, too, since most bike shops offer truck bike racks.

A few other exercises that you can do are jogging and doing yoga before or after class. It’s also highly possible that fitness classes are being offered locally. All are viable options if you wish to stay active.

Balanced Diet

Aside from keeping active, it’s also crucial to have good eating habits. College students are free to eat whatever and whenever they want. It’s still best to eat full meals, though, and to stay away from foods that have no nutritional value.

Energy drinks and chips can be quite appealing during all-nighters, but there are healthier alternatives like black tea and fruits. The same can be said with alcohol. You can still have a good time in social events without ingesting any.

Adequate Sleep


Moving forth, it should be noted that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t stop with eating better and exercising more. There’s also rest to consider. A proper sleep schedule, while seemingly impossible to attain at times, is crucial.

Quality sleep allows your brain to process all the materials you’ve learned in the day. It also helps in health maintenance since sleep deprivation can lead to chronic illnesses, which you can avoid if you sleep when you’re supposed to.

Clean Surroundings

Another thing to remember in keeping healthy is that a clean room and workspace can do wonders for your productivity. Moreover, cleaning will result in better air quality, which, in turn, will allow for clearer thoughts and more peaceful mornings.

Remembering all of this, amid courses, deadlines, and social events, can lead you to a more fun and enlightening experience in university.

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