Hockey Training Aids Athletes Can Use Off Ice

Hockey training can be more challenging than that of other types of sports. Having the right training equipment and hockey training aids can help improve the performance of players on the ice. Working without these training aids is fine, but having them increases their gains, keeps them safe, and ensures that they achieve what they are trying to train for.

Training aids, workout plans, and other items can be costly, thus buying the most relevant ones is the best decision to make. Whether it is a costly training sled or a simple stalker radar or speed-measuring gun, you should know how to use your equipment and gear properly. Hockey players are also encouraged to be consistent with training, recovery, and nutrition. Otherwise, your investment in training equipment will be a waste of money.

Some items that can help hockey players train off ice are:


These help a person develop their stability and allow for unilateral and bilateral exercises. They can be used to build muscle strength, endurance, and power. When choosing dumbbells, make sure to go for a weight range that will allow you to maintain a perfect technique throughout the workout session.

Stability Balls

These tools are great for dynamic stabilization. Athletes can incorporate their strength training with these tools for better results. Choose a burst-resistant and high-quality stability ball and forget about standing on it.

Medicine Balls

These training aids help develop upper and lower body power. They are also used to build stability when used for doing push-ups with hands on the ball. Some hockey players want to train with the heaviest medicine ball available. However, when trying to develop power, stay within the medium weight range to start with. Then focus on accelerating the medicine ball.

Resistance Bands

Resistance band

These are typically used for balance, strength, and power training. Hockey players can accelerate against resistance without the need for decelerating the resistance. Always go for high-quality resistance bands that are layered with a nylon sheath. This will lessen the risk of snapping back at the athlete in case the bands break.

Agility Ladders

These tools are used to train movement patterns. Athletes may not buy one and simply use tape or chalk to draw ladders on the basement or garage floor. When training using agility ladders, stay low in your athletic position and avoid poor habits, such as standing up, as soon as you feel tired.

There are many other training aids and gym equipment that can be used to train hockey players off ice. Some gym equipment that can help hockey players in their training is the bench press, pull-up bars, and kettlebells. There are also training aids that are specially designed for hockey training such as the training sled, hockey grip tool, and hockey plyo box. The most important thing is that athletes learn to commit to their training and diet plans to ensure that everything works out well. Some of these types of equipment can be expensive, but others can be improvised for the same skill building and development.

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