Spooky Romance: Date Ideas for Lovers of Halloween

Halloween comes once a year to provide us with a cool dosage of spook, usually in the form of themed costume parties and lots (and we do mean LOTS) of candies. However, if you think you can’t get enough creepiness with just one holiday, why not limit yourself?

You can enjoy Halloween-inspired activities all year long, and the best part? You can do them with your significant other, so you’ll be hitting two birds with one stone by getting both spine-tingling spookiness and heart-fluttering butterflies. Without further ado, let’s get on with our list of fright.

Bake some scary-looking treats

One word: Sugar. You can make this an exception from your healthy adult diet and savor the feeling of being a kid again with mountains of sweet treats.

But, of course, we did mention that these are date ideas, so prepare your kitchen for two and bake some spooky sweet treats with your beloved. To kick up the fun, prepare the ingredients in jars and vials labeled with made-up names like bride corpse’s hair, dragon’s scales, or troll’s blood. Just be sure to tell your darling what they really are.

Next, explore with different types of goodies, from bat-shaped cookies to blood-colored gooey puddings. Your imagination is the only limit.

Host a Halloween-themed dinner

Hey, you already got the dessert covered, so why stop there? Just add a few other courses like an appetizer and the main dishes and voila, you have yourself a full-course Halloween dinner.

Be creative with your dishes and plate them nicely in a visually pleasing. You can make some bloody tomato soup or brain and worm spaghetti — anything that’s spooky is a great choice. While you’re at it, go all the way by preparing festive drinks. Lastly, don’t forget to decorate. Carve a pumpkin, dim the lights, and play some ambient music.

Visit a haunted house attraction

If you’re too busy or exhausted for the DIY route, head out for a day with your darling and visit some Halloween attractions like haunted houses or exhibits of creepy paraphernalia. Don’t worry if it’s not yet Halloween because a lot of these destinations are open all year round.

Don’t forget to snap some photos to memorialize your spooky experience. To end your date, watch the midnight screening of a movie you both like.

Have a movie marathon

Not too keen on a midnight movie screening? Then stay at home and have a full-blown marathon of your favorite horror films. Set the ambiance and prepare Halloween-themed snacks. For the movies, here are some recommendations: The Conjuring, A Quiet Place, and Insidious.

Read scary books

This may sound pretty tame, but the written word can actually be a lot more frightening than movies. Exchange your favorite horror books and then tell each other what you think about them. Or you can just cuddle in bed and read a book together. Some notable works are Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and Jay Anson’s The Amityville Horror.

Romantic dates don’t always have to be the standard candle-light dinners, long walks or dance parties. By being adventurous, you can explore unique ideas and enjoy fun activities that suit both your interests.

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