Indoor Sports That Are Perfect For Date Night

When you want to impress your date, there’s nothing like a bit of competition to see if there is a spark. If you want a partner that challenges you, then you might want to see how they fare on sports date night. But no one wants to get dirty out on the field, especially if they have dressed up a bit. So if you want to show off your athleticism, indoor sport is the way to go. You’ll still want to tell your date to dress appropriately or maybe bring a change of clothes, but you don’t need to go to the shower afterward. Here are some sports that should work well.


If there is any nice sport for a date, it is a game of billiards. The rules can be pretty simple, and you can do several variations that can make it easier or harder. For example, you might require that the billiard balls are sunk into the corners in numerical order. If your date is a beginner, teaching them the basics can be pretty romantic in its own right. The great thing about billiards is that it is easily accessible. A lot of bars have a billiards table while some pool halls allow you to reserve a table for your date in advance.


While it has the reputation of being old-fashioned, bowling is also a great date night sport. Bowling alley modernization makes a lot of the current alleys a lot more pleasant to play. Look for one locally so that you can enjoy all the modern features like better scoring and quicker setups. Bowling is not as easy as it sounds. You’ll need to learn how to handle the ball properly, and you can still end up in the gutter. But compared to other sports, it is not as strenuous, and you’ll probably only develop a light sweat during the game.

bowling alley lane

Table Tennis

Another game that can be nice indoors is ping-pong or table tennis. This is tennis on a small scale, and this can be as intense as the larger version. The rules are simple. Players hit a ball across a small table with a racket. Players need to bounce the ball on the table at least once before they can hit it back. Failure to return the ball will result in the other players scoring a point. This seems simple, but it is a very quick sport and requires fast reaction times. If you do this on a date, then you and your partner will be sweating quickly.

Laser Tag

For those who want a more modern experience, there is laser tag. Players go into a small set of rooms and wear infrared sensors. The “lasers” of the sport are infrared-emitting devices that are often shaped like guns. Players then hunt each other through the rooms, scoring points by successfully shooting their opponent. Usually, this is played in a group. But if your date is game for it, then it can be a fun experience for both of you. It is a bit more strenuous than other games, but it can be a nice activity before dinner.


Shuffleboard is a sport for the more relaxed sort. Players move weighted discs around on a narrow court. The goal is to get those discs on the opponent’s scoring area while defending your own. This may seem simple, but it does require a good am and a bit of patience. Think of it as a variant of billiards in a way. The game was very popular early in the 20th century on cruise lines and still sees a lot of play on modern ones. It is not a demanding sport, but it can be exciting in its own right.


If you and your date have a good sense of balance, then skating can be a great date night activity. Whether it is simple roller skating or ice skating, the idea behind each is pretty simple. People wear special skates, either with blades or wheels, and they go around the rink. This can be a pretty romantic date if you play your cards right. Additionally, if you already know how to skate, you can impress your date with some tricks. It is also a pretty relaxing experience and not a competition which can be great for your relationship.

Indoor sports are perfect for date nights where you want to get some blood pumping. It also allows you to see your date in a different light. Are they the sort who will fold under pressure? Are they game for any challenge? This may influence your future relationship so you should give it a try.

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