What Your Smile Reveals About Your Personality

It is unusual for people to feel uncomfortable to smile. They are embarrassed to smile for a number of reasons, but mainly because of how their teeth look. Dentists know these problems too well. Stained teeth, misaligned teeth, and bad breath are the most common reasons why people feel embarrassed to show their smiles. The problem is that not only does smiling affect the way other people think about you; it also affects you as a person.

A lot can be said about a person who smiles often. A smile feels welcoming. So welcoming, in fact, that this became an ad campaign in Singapore during the delegation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank (WB) there in 2006. The Four Million Smiles campaign aimed to welcome the delegates to the city-state and create a “unique and unforgettable Singapore experience.”

But how can you become comfortable to show your smile to the world? Most people suffer from dental and oral problems. That’s why teeth whitening has become a popular dental procedure now. People who like drinking caffeinated drinks and who smoke are more likely to get stained and discolored teeth. This is a problem that can be easily remedied if you can make the sacrifice of not drinking too much coffee, tea, and soda and eliminating cigarettes from your vices.

True Happiness

A genuine smile shows genuine happiness. This spreads to people. Have you noticed how you love spending time with people who love to smile and laugh? Whatever the reason is, true happiness is elevating. It is infectious, so much so that other people will feel that jubilation. But how can one detect a true smile of happiness? It’s not about simply showing your teeth. A true smile will make the muscles on your face move. The sides of your eyes should crinkle, and your eyes should narrow.

Moving your mouth but not your face muscles cannot be considered a genuine smile. Most people will refer to this as fake or polite. It can also be a “say cheese” smile. That’s when you are forced to smile for a photo.

Friendly and Trustworthy

smiling woman

People who smile are seen as friendly and trustworthy. They look agreeable, too. That doesn’t mean that you are a pushover, but that you are approachable. People will find it easy to deal with you. If you look willing to interact with others, that will help colleagues reach out to you for help. Making a habit of smiling even in the most stressful of situations will show that you are willing to cooperate and that you’re worthy of another person’s attention.


Only truly confident people can smile genuinely. If you are sure of yourself, you can smile without any qualms. It shows that you are comfortable with yourself, your abilities, and your skills. This confidence spreads to other people, and that’s why those who know how to smile with confidence also become great leaders.

Being professional also means smiling even during tough times at work. Knowing that your smile can lift the spirits of your colleagues is a testament to how they look to you for guidance. That’s why people choose to work with those who can ease the stress they feel at work.

Positive Outlook

Have you ever felt pulled down by someone who keeps on pouting and frowning? How about the opposite? You can feel an instant boost to your mood when people around you have a positive outlook. That’s probably why you love hanging out with your friend who always seems jovial than the one who keeps on ranting about work and life in general. But a positive outlook shown through your smile more than affects the people around you.

It also builds connections, expands networks, and displays competence. A positive outlook is not just a career booster, but those who have it can do better in marriage, work, personal relationships, and well-being. You will know from a person’s smile if he/she has a positive outlook in life.

Do not underestimate the magic of your smile. It works like a magnet. You can infect a lot of people with a genuine smile. You don’t know what people go through every day that sometimes, all they need is for someone to smile their way. Make your smile an arsenal. Make it your weapon against the challenges and difficulties that the world faces today. It will make such a huge difference in your life and the lives of others around you.

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