How to Prepare Your Children for Face-to-face Classes

More and more people are getting vaccinated against COVID-19. After months of tests and screening, vaccines have been rolled out across 92 countries. Administered doses have reached the 200 million mark. Once enough of the population gets inoculated, herd immunity will happen as a result. That means the deadly virus that wreaked havoc on mankind this past year will inevitably weaken until it becomes no more threatening than seasonal flu.

That’s good news for everyone ready to go back to the old normal. Once again, you can socialize with friends and family without worrying about contracting or passing a fatal disease. You can go to the cinema to watch superhero movies with the rest of your family. And if you are a parent to school-age children, that means you’ll have to prepare them for the return of face-to-face classes. Here’s a checklist of things you must do.

Get your kids vaccinated against COVID-19

We are operating under the assumption that your children have yet to receive their vaccine doses. After all, they do not belong to high-priority sectors scheduled to get inoculated first, such as healthcare workers and long-term care facility residents.

The public will likely receive the vaccination in early spring at the earliest. Once that’s on the way, do not be swayed by fear. Get your children in line to have their doses. Remember that they’ll be in classrooms soon, surrounded by other children. They must be inoculated for their own safety and the safety of others.

Get your kids vaccinated against other diseases

Anti-vaxxers do exist. Lest you become unfairly judgy, think of them as unfortunate victims of online misinformation. And you’re lucky you did not fall prey to the same social bubble of outlandish conspiracy theories.

With that in mind, it’s safe to assume your children have all the vaccinations they need. If not, before sending them back to school, go to your doctor and give your kids those much-needed shots. Refer to this information for relevant vaccines for specific age brackets.

Also, be vocal with other parents. For example, if there’s an anti-vaxxer in your PTA, engage them in a discussion. Hopefully, you get to convince them to change their views.

children at school

Educate your kids about the pandemic

Some parents refuse to explain to their children what’s happening around the world. That’s to safeguard them from trauma, among other reasons. Although that’s a valid parenting approach, it should take a backseat during this pandemic.

Your children should learn all the things they need to learn about COVID-19. They must know how the disease spreads, its symptoms, and how they can protect themselves and others. Educating your children about the pandemic will give them a sense of responsibility. Once they’re back in a classroom, they will know how to keep safe.

Strengthen your children’s immune system

On top of getting the vaccines their body needs, you should also ensure that your children’s immune systems are at their best. That’s their first defense against diseases.

Feed your children healthy food rich in vitamins and minerals. If you can, avoid packaged foods with too many preservatives. Go organic and always have plant-based options included in the meals you prepare.

As early as now, encourage your children to exercise. Their generation is prone to inactivity, given they have gadgets at their disposal. That can be detrimental to their health.

Impose a strict sleep schedule too. Do not condone your children doomscrolling throughout the night.

If you trust your children’s immune system, you’ll have peace of mind once it’s time to send them out for face-to-face classes. Peace of mind is vital for your health, so it’s a win for everyone.

Teach your kids about other school threats

Your children contracting COVID is not the only risk you need to be concerned about once face-to-face classes resume. You should also look into school bullying and mass school shooting. These are real threats. Educate your children on how to deal with these possibilities. Just make sure you do not scare them while doing so.

The current pandemic has changed our way of life. Even the way our children learn has been affected. For months, students had to adjust to online classes. Such an arrangement had a steep learning curve. And students are not the only ones who were challenged. Parents and teachers alike, especially those that are not as tech-savvy, had to keep up.

Soon it’s back to classrooms for students. Moms and dads out there can finally take a breather. Rejoice because the bad days will soon be over.

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